Associate Professor of Finance
Rady School of Management
University of California, San Diego
Office: Room 4S149, Otterson Hall
Phone: (858) 534-2795

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Incentivizing Effort and Informing Investment: The Dual Role of Stock Prices
(with J. Davis and N. Gondhi)

Harnessing the Overconfidence of the Crowd: A Theory of SPACs (with M. Szydlowski)

On the Voluntary Disclosure of Redundant Information (with B. Breon-Drish, R. Kaniel and I. Kremer)

Risk Sharing, Investment Efficiency, and Welfare with Feedback Effects
(with B. Breon-Drish and K. Smith)

Disclosing to Informed Traders (with I. Marinovic and K. Smith) — Slides
      Notable Working Paper Award, Accounting and Economics Society, 2020
     Older Version with Difference of Opinions

Motivated Beliefs in Coordination Games (with J. Davis and N. Gondhi)

Excessive Risk-Taking and Founder Friendly VCs (with M. Szydlowski)

The Man(ager) Who Knew Too Much (with J. Davis and N. Gondhi) — Slides

Leaks, disclosures and internal communication (with T. Kim)
      Best Paper Award, China International Conference in Finance, 2018


Choosing to Disagree: Endogenous Dismissiveness and Overconfidence in Financial Markets
(with J. Davis and N. Gondhi)
      Journal of Finance, 2021, forthcoming

Dynamics of Research and Strategic Trading (with B. Breon-Drish)
      Review of Financial Studies, 2021, forthcoming

Strategic trading and unobservable information acquisition (with B. Breon-Drish)
      Journal of Financial Economics, 2020, 138(2):458-482

When transparency improves, must prices reflect fundamentals better? (with J. Davis and N. Gondhi)
      Review of Financial Studies, 2018, 31(6):2377-2414

Signal or noise? Uncertainty and learning about whether other traders are informed (with B. Green)
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Trading in Derivatives when the Underlying is Scarce (with J. Graveline)
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The Cost of Short-Selling Liquid Securities (with J. Graveline)
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Factor-loading Uncertainty and Expected Returns (with C. Armstrong and C. Corona)
      Review of Financial Studies, 2013, 26(1):158-207

Learning from Prices and the Dispersion in Beliefs
      Review of Financial Studies, 2011, 24(9):3025-3068
      Winner of the RFS Young Researcher Prize, 2010

Disagreement and Learning: Dynamic Patterns of Trade (with I. Kremer)
      Journal of Finance, 2010, 65(4):1269-1302

Price Drift as an Outcome of Differences in Higher Order Beliefs (with R. Kaniel and I. Kremer)
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Discussion of “Disclosure Processing Costs, Investors’ Information Choice, and Equity Market Outcomes: A Review” (with B. Breon-Drish and Joey Engelberg)
      Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2020, 70(2):101337


Conceal to Coordinate (with T. Kim and V. Mangla)

Transparency versus Tone: Public Communication with Limited Commitment (with Q. Liu )